"Why are you wearing that stupid man suite?"

  • 42-coldplay:

    Coldplay - O

    So fly on, ride through
    Maybe one day I’ll fly next to you
    Fly on, ride through
    Maybe one day I can fly with you
    Fly on

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  • "Maybe one day, i’ll fly next to you." #coldplay#flyon#ghoststories#blue

  • tv show for your sign


    aries:  in the flesh
    taurus:  in the flesh
    gemini:  in the flesh
    cancer:  in the flesh
    leo:  in the flesh
    virgo:  in the flesh
    libra:  in the flesh
    scorpio:  in the flesh
    sagittarius:  in the flesh
    capricorn:  in the flesh
    aquarius:  in the flesh
    pisces:  in the flesh

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  • halorvic:

    [drama intensifies]

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  • …there’s what i believe

    MY OTP ❤️

    (Fonte: katiebishop)

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